Everything you need to know about Evaporative Cooling Systems

Spring 2017

Everything you need to know about Evaporative Cooling Systems

In recent years, evaporative cooling systems have become the most popular choice in Melbourne for whole of house cooling.  There are quite a few reasons why evaporative cooling has become so popular. Some of these reasons include:

  • Up to 50% lower cost to install compared to refrigerated air conditioners
  • Up to 7 times cheaper to run compare to refrigerated air conditioners
  • Allows doors and windows to be open when the evaporative cooler is in use. This keeps your home feeling fresh.
  • Lower green house emissions than most other forms of air conditioning
  • Well suited to the hot and dry summers of Melbourne
  • The air that comes into your home through the an evaporative cooler is cleaned through wet filter pads
  • Simpler to install than most other forms of air conditioning
  • There are very little in the way of moving parts - so not a lot can go wrong!
Evaporative cooling

There are various ways to you can increase the efficiency of your evaporative cooler - even on a very hot Melbourne summer day! Some of these ways include:

  • Try using a timer so that the evaporative cooling system automatically switches off when it is not needed
  • Making sure that all doors and windows of the rooms in your home that you are trying to cool are open
  • Even better, open window and doors on the opposite side of the house to where there is a hot wind
  • On humid days, use the fan and switch off the water supply. This will help to keep the evaporative cooler working as efficiently as possible on humid days.
relax in evaporative cooled room

Although evaporative coolers are easy to maintain at HR Climate Solutions we recommend that you service your evaporative cooler at least once a year. Spring is the perfect time to arrange a service - before the days get too hot. By having your evaporative cooling system serviced  it will make sure that your evaporative cooler does not have water leaks, make unusual noises, or stop blowing cold even on the hottest days of Melbourne's summer.

When you get HR Climate Solutions to service your evaporative cooler we will thoroughly check and clean it to make sure it works as efficiently as it can. Some of the things we do as part of our service include:

  • Remove and clean filter pads
  • Remove and clean louvers
  • Check water pump is working
  • Check the fan is working
  • Clean the internal water tank
  • Check the drain valve and float valve are working
  • Check for drips and and leaks
  • Check water distribution across filter pads
  • Check outlets to make sure they are all working
Brivis evaporative coolingr melbourne

Find out more about all the evaporative cooling services we provide.

Some of the more popular brands of evaporative coolers that we install, service and maintain include:

Our technical specialists, who are based in Melbourne can provide you with all the advice you need so that you get the evaporative cooling system that best suits your home and lifestyle at a competitive price.

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