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Frequently Asked Questions - Gas Ducted Heating

gas ducted heatingHow does gas ducted heating work?

Gas ducted heating works by collecting cold air, heating it and  pushing it through ducts into your home to heat it up. Essential components of gas ducted heating are the heating unit, insulated ducts, thermostat, grilles and register vents.

The gas heater is usually located outside the house but can be put in other positions (eg under the house) if there is a space restriction. The heat exchange process is called gas combustion.

Is central heating the same thing as gas ducted heating?

Yes, there are many terms for gas ducted heating - including central heating. Other terms include - ducted heating, ducted gas heating, central gas heating, and gas central heating.

How often should I service my gas ducted heating?

Energy Safe (Victoria) recommends that you service your gas ducted heater every two years.

What is carbon monoxide testing?

When you get your gas ducted heating serviced always make sure that you get it tested for carbon monoxide emissions. We only use the latest equipment when performing carbon monoxide testing - so you can be sure that you and your family are safe.

gas ducted heatng ventDo you clean out ducts?

No, we only service gas ducted heating units and all their components. We will ensure that all the components of your gas ducted heater are working properly when we do a service

BrivisWhat brands of gas ducted heating do you install, repair and service?

We install all major brands - including Brivis.

Other brands include Braemer, Bonaire, Vulcan and Lennox

Is gas ducted heating efficient to run?

Gas ducted heating is efficient to run for two main reasons. The first reason is that even though it is a whole of house heating system you can zone it so you only heat the rooms you are using. The second reason is that you can get up to a 6 star energy rating. It is estimated that if you install a  6 star system you will save about 30% on your gas bill compared to a 3 star system.

Is a gas ducted heating system expensive to install?

The cost of installing a gas ducted heating system will depending on various factors - including the size of your home. However, overall it does have the lowest up front cost of any whole of house heating system.

How long does it take to install a gas ducted heating system?

It usually takes around a day to install a new gas ducted heating system. We will let you know before we begin work how an estimate of the time it will take.

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