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Split Systems Heaters Melbourne

HR Heating and Cooling provide reliable split system air conditioner repairs, maintenance and installation.

We are available  24/7 in Melbourne with same day service. In addition, we work on all makes and models of split systems. This includes older models of split systems.

Above all, we will get your split system back on fast. This means there is no need to be cold in winter or hot in summer!

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How do Split Systems Work?

Split system heaters are designed to keep you comfortable all year round. This means from the cold winters of Melbourne to hot summers a split system has you covered.

A split system is used to heat or cool one room. Alternatively, if you need more than one room heated or called,  a multi head inverter system is the solution.

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We Service All Brands of Split Systems

gas log fire repairsWe specialise in all major brands of split systems including Brivis- a popular brand in Melbourne.  Therefore you are assured that we have the expertise to fix your split system air conditioner - not matter what brand it is.

Other major brands we specialise in include:
Braemer, Daikon, Fujistu, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba

Cooling your home in summer in Melbourne and heating it in winter can be very expensive. That's why it's important to make sure that you install the right type of split system for your needs. Likewise it is also important that it is regularly serviced. Our technical specialists based in Melbourne. They have the expertise to provide you with the advice you need so  that you get the split system that best suits your needs.

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What we Do When we Repair your Split System

Our team of technicians will always perform a thorough check of your split system - including the following:

Split air conditioner repair

  • We use the latest electrical testing equipment to ensure quick and accurate diagnosis
  • Inspect and clean split system air filters
  • Clean the indoor and outdoor coils of the split system
  • Check to make sure the thermostat for the split system is working correctly
  • Tighten flare nuts to eliminate potential gas leaks
  • Inspect and test electrical connections and components
  • Clear out the drain to the split system
  • Make sure the split system is switching between heating and cooling effectively
  • Check the condensate drain for correct installation and fall
  • Make sure that the split system units are level and not sloping to one side
  • Check the insulation on the refrigerant pipe work for the split system to make sure it is not torn
  • Final check of complete split system to make sure everything is working

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The HR Heating and Cooling Difference

Fixed price call outs, so no hidden charges

Small business, so we always give personalised service

Advice on the most efficient way to cool your home

If at all possible, we always repair rather than replace

Honest advice if a replacement is required

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HR Heating and Cooling

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We are one of Melbourne's most trusted heatingcooling and hot water systems specialists.

HR Heating and Cooling are family owned and operated. We have been providing heatingcooling and hot water system installations to Melbourne for over 10 years.

We also perform carbon monoxide tests using the latest equipment to keep your family safe.  it is strongly recommended that you test your gas heaters every 2 years. This is to make sure that they are not defective and causing carbon monoxide emissions.

split system air conditioner repairs melbourneWe are competitively priced and offer free, no obligation quotes with 24/7 same day service available. We have extensive knowledge of both the latest heatingcooling and hot water systems as well as older appliances.

So let us take care of all your heating and cooling systems. We specialise in all all major brands including Brivis - a popular brand in Melbourne.

We always provide the highest standard of care so you can be confident in trusting us for all your heating, cooling and hot water systems needs.

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All major credit cards accepted

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Pensioner Discounts

air conditionerr and heating repairs with 15% discount for seniors cardWe offer pensioners  a 15% discount on all our services. Ask for your discount when you contact us.

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