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Hydronic Heating

hydronic heating repairs melbourneHR Heating and Cooling provide reliable hydronic heater repairs and maintenance  24/7 in Melbourne. We also offer same day service.

If you have a hydronic heater repair emergency in Melbourne we provide you a quick service at a competitive price.

HR Heating and Cooling also have extensive experience installing a wide range of hydronic heating systems to all suburbs of Melbourne.

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hydronic heating repairs melbourneIf your the boiler to your hydronic heater is not working - don't worry. This is because we specialise in repairing and installing new boilers.

We install only the best boilers (including Sime, Baxi and Bosche). This means you are assured that it will keep you warm through all of Melbourne's cold winter days.

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Hydronic Heating - The Natural Heating Solution

hydronic heating repairs melbourneWhen you want a more natural form of warming your home, hydronic heating is the solution for you. This is because it does not rely on fans or air being blown around to create warmth. This is one of the reasons it is a popular choice of heating in Europe.

Hydronic heating works by warming water in a gas boiler. This water is then piped to wall panels. There is usually at least one wall panel per room. Each wall panel can be switched off when the room is not being used. This is why this type of heating is so energy efficient. This type of heating is also safe for children as wall panels are not hot to the touch and good for people with allergies.

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What are the benefits of Installing Hydronic Heating?

There are many benefits to installing hydronic heating to your home in Melbourne. That is why it is a very popular choice for heating in many parts of Europe. It is also why it is an increasingly popular choice in Melbourne. People are now learning about the benefits of hydronic heating. As a result it is becoming the heating solution choice for their home.

Eco Friendly

Uses 25% less energy than ducted gas heating. Also, water used to heat the pipes is recycled.

Cheaper to Run

Doesn't cost as much to run as other forms of heating. Can heat only the rooms you are using, rather than the whole house.


Don't need to worry about open fireplaces. Also there are no dangerous electrical elements. Panels are only warm to the touch.

No fans

As there are no fans it does not blow dust. Instead heat is radiated. This means it is good for people with allergies and asthma.

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What we Do When we Repair your Hydronic Heating

Our team of technicians will always perform a thorough check of your hydronic heater. The type of system you have will impact on the checks we perform:

hydronic heating repairs melbourne

  • We use the latest electrical testing equipment to ensure quick and accurate diagnosis
  • Check the hydronic heating panels and make sure no air locks
  • Make sure the burner and ignition are working correctly
  • Check gas pressure
  • Test water temperatures
  • Check the overall running of the hydronic heating system
  • Water boiler for the hydronic heater returning too cold or not providing radiant heat
  • Make sure no strange noises when the hydronic heater is switched on
  • Make sure system not providing enough heat with the arrival of winter

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The HR Heating and Cooling Difference

Fixed price call outs, so no hidden charges

Small business, so we always give personalised service

Advice on the most efficient way to cool your home

If at all possible, we always repair rather than replace

Honest advice if a replacement is required

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HR Heating and Cooling

hydronic heating repairs melbourneWe are one of Melbourne's most trusted heatingcooling and hot water systems specialists.

HR Heating and Cooling are family owned and operated. We have been providing heatingcooling and hot water system  to Melbourne for over 10 years.

We also perform carbon monoxide tests using the latest equipment to keep your family safe.  It is strongly recommended that you test your gas heaters every 2 years. This is to make sure that they are not defective and causing carbon monoxide emissions.

hydronic heating repairs melbourneWe are competitively priced and offer free, no obligation quotes with 24/7 same day service available. We have extensive knowledge of both the latest heatingcooling and hot water systems as well as older appliances.

So let us take care of all your heating and cooling systems. We specialise in all all major brands including Brivis - a popular brand in Melbourne.

We always provide the highest standard of care so you can be confident in trusting us for all your heating, cooling and hot water systems needs.

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Pensioner Discounts

seniorscardWe offer pensioners  a 15% discount on all our services. Remember to ask for your discount when you contact us.

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