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Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

evaporative cooling repairs melbourneHR Heating and Cooling provide reliable evaporative cooling repairs and maintenance.

We are available  24/7 in Melbourne with same day service. We work on all makes and models of evaporative cooling. This includes older models of evaporative coolers.

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How does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Evaporative cooling works with a central cooling unit with outlets to the rooms in your home. Air from outside is cooled and filtered through pads and then flowed through to the outlets. This creates a refreshing breeze.

A major advantage of evaporative cooling is that you can leave your windows and doors open while its on.  This makes it one of the most natural ways to cool your home during a Melbourne summer.

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We Service All Brands of Evaporative Coolers

evaporative cooling repairs melbourneWe specialise in all major brands of evaporative coolers including Brivis– a popular brand in Melbourne.  Other major brands we specialise in include:

BonaireBraemerBreezairCelairCoolair and CoolBreeze.

Cooling your home during summer in Melbourne is expensive. That’s why it’s important you install the right type of evaporative cooler for your needs. In addition, it needs to be regularly serviced.

Our technical specialists based in Melbourne, will provide you with all the advice you need so that you get the evaporative cooler that best suits your home and lifestyle at a competitive price.

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What are the Benefits of Evaporative Cooling?

There are many benefits to installing an evaporative cooling system. Here are just a few:

coolbreeze heritage

  • An evaporative cooling system is cheaper to run than other forms of air conditioners
  • It is usually cheaper to install an evaporative cooling system compared to other systems
  • You get to keep your doors open when you have an evaporative cooling system
  • Evaporative cooling systems are great for people with asthma and allergies
  • If you like your temperature to be comfortably cool rather than too cold, evaporative cooling is the air conditioning choice for you
  • The hot dry summers of Melbourne is well suited to evaporative cooling as an air conditioner
  • For the environmentally conscious, evaporative cooling is great because they have low green house emissions
  • You can be assured of clean air as it is filtered through the wet pads of the evaporative cooling system before it enters your home

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Signs your Evaporative Cooling needs Repairing

The following are some of the main reasons your evaporative cooling system is not working at it’s best. If you are experiencing any of the following contact us and we will come out and repair it.

Evaporative Cooling repair service

  • Water is leaking from evaporative cooling unit
  • There is a burning smell coming through the vents
  • Cool air is blowing from the evaporative cooling system but it is only at a weak volume
  • There is s stale smell when you switch on your evaporative cooling system
  • The evaporative cooling won’t turn on when you press the on switch
  • Some of the ducting of the evaporative cooling has become lose
  • The evaporative cooling system is blowing warm air when it is switched on
  • The is a constant water running sound on the roof
  • There are birds nesting in evaporative cooling unit
  • The evaporative cooling filter pads need to be replaced

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What we Do When we Service your Evaporative Cooling System

When servicing an evaporative cooling system, our technicians always perform thorough check. The following are just some of the checks we undertake:

Evaporative cooling systems repair

  • Inspect ductwork of evaporative cooling system to make sure none has become detached
  • Check water level in the evaporative cooling condensor
  • Clean and lubricate evaporative cooling water pump
  • Make sure the evaporative cooling fan is working correctly
  • Check the tenison of the evaporative cooling fan belt
  • Make sure the evaporative cooling system filter pads are in good condition and replace if necessary
  • Clean any fungus, sediment or algae build ups in the evaporative cooling system
  • Check that the evaporative cooling system’s dump valve is working
  • Clean, flush and then disenfect the water system for the evaporative cooling
  • Check that the electrical and water connection to the evaporative cooling system are working properly
  • Clean and check the evaporative cooling system’s drain system
  • Final check of complete evaporative cooling system to make sure everything is working

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The HR Heating and Cooling Difference

Fixed price call outs, so no hidden charges

Small business, so we always give personalised service

Advice on the most efficient way to cool your home

If at all possible, we always repair rather than replace

Honest advice if a replacement is required

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HR Heating and Cooling

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We are one of Melbourne’s most trusted heatingcooling and hot water systems specialists.

HR Heating and Cooling are family owned and operated. We have been providing heatingcooling and hot water system repair and service to Melbourne for over 10 years.

We also perform carbon monoxide tests using the latest equipment to keep your family safe.  it is strongly recommended that you test your gas heaters every 2 years. This is to make sure that they are not defective and causing carbon monoxide emissions.

We are competitively priced and offer free, no obligation quotes with 24/7 same day service available. We have extensive knowledge of both the latest heatingcooling and hot water systems as well as older appliances.

So let us take care of all your heating and cooling systems. We specialise in all major brands including Brivis – a popular brand in Melbourne.

We always provide the highest standard of care so you can be confident in trusting us for all your heatingcooling and hot water systems needs.

So for sought-after air conditioning repair services, Melbourne residents can’t look past the knowledge and experience of the team here at HR Heating and Cooling.


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When it comes to finding the very best in aircon repairs, Melbourne locals know that they simply can’t look past the years of experience of the HR Heating and Cooling team.

No matter what make or model your air conditioning unit may be, you can be sure our friendly and reliable team will be able to get it back to working order in no time at all.

Our services can even help to bring down your future power bills, with a poorly maintained or faulty air conditioning system often drawing in more power than usually needed to operate.

Contact our team today to see exactly why we’re among the leading names for air conditioning repair in Melbourne.

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seniorscardWe offer pensioners a 15% discount on all our services.

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