Hydronic Heater Installation

air conditioners melbourne HR Heating and Cooling have extensive expertise installing a wide range of hydronic heating systems in suburbs of Melbourne.

Hydronic heating is becoming an increasingly popular alternative heating option to conventional heating solutions in Melbourne. It is a reliable, energy efficient and stylish form of heating.

Make the choice to gently radiate heat through your home. By doing this you will avoid dust and other particles that commonly cause allergies caused by other forms of heating. This includes ducted gas heating.

You can trust HR Climate Solutions to guide you through the many options available for hydronic heating in Melbourne. This is why you are assured to have a system installed that fits the style of your home and budget.

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    Hydronic Heating - How does it work?

    heater repair serviceHydronic heating, unlike other forms of heating in Melbourne, does not have any vents. This means heat is radiated, rather than blown.

    A series of pipes in the home are heated to around 70 degrees. This heated water is pumped to each room of the house that has a radiator wall panel. The hot water heats the steel radiator wall panels. As a result, this is what heats the room. Overall, 85% of this heat is radiant heat.

    Most hydronic heaters use gas boilers to heat the water. This includes Sime, Baxi and Bosche boilers. The boilers can achieve up to 95% effiency ratings.

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    What are the benefits of Installing Hydronic Heating?

    There are many benefits to installing hydronic heating to your home in Melbourne. That is why it is a very popular choice for heating in many parts of Europe. It is also why it is an increasingly popular choice in Melbourne. People are now learning about the benefits of hydronic heating. As a result it is becoming the heating solution choice for their home.

    Eco Friendly

    Uses 25% less energy than ducted gas heating. Also, water used to heat the pipes is recycled.

    Cheaper to Run

    Doesn't cost as much to run as other forms of heating. Can heat only the rooms you are using, rather than the whole house.


    Don't need to worry about open fireplaces. Also there are no dangerous electrical elements. Panels are only warm to the touch.

    No fans

    As there are no fans it does not blow dust. Instead heat is radiated. This means it is good for people with allergies and asthma.

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    Can Hydronic Heating be Installed in Existing Homes?

    hydronic heater repairsHydronic heating using radiator panels can be added to either new or existing homes in Melbourne. In fact, it is becoming more common for them to be installed to replace less efficient forms of heating in existing homes.

    In take as little as one or two days to install hydronic heating to an existing home. This means there is minimal disruption to you and your family.

    Another benefit of hydronic heating is that you can choose the style of panel that suits your home. This includes from an ultra modern style to a more traditional Victorian look. Because of this, it means you are sure to find a style to suit your home in Melbourne. If you are unsure that hydronic heating can be installed in your home, just give us a call and we will assess whether your home is suitable for this type of heating.

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    The HR Heating and Cooling Difference

    Fixed price call outs, so no hidden charges

    Small business, so we always give personalised service

    Advice on the most efficient way to cool your home

    If at all possible, we always repair rather than replace

    Honest advice if a replacement is required

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    HR Heating and Cooling

    hydronic heating repairs melbourneWe are one of Melbourne's most trusted heatingcooling and hot water systems specialists.

    HR Heating and Cooling are family owned and operated. We have been providing heatingcooling and hot water system installations to Melbourne for over 10 years.

    We also perform carbon monoxide tests using the latest equipment to keep your family safe.  It is strongly recommended that you test your gas heaters every 2 years. This is to make sure that they are not defective and causing carbon monoxide emissions.

    hydronic heating repairs melbourneWe are competitively priced and offer quotes with 24/7 same day service available. We have extensive knowledge of both the latest heatingcooling and hot water systems as well as older appliances.

    So let us take care of all your heating and cooling systems. We specialise in all all major brands including Brivis - a popular brand in Melbourne.

    We always provide the highest standard of care so you can be confident in trusting us for all your heating, cooling and hot water systems needs.

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    seniorscardWe offer pensioners  a 15% discount on all our services. Remember to ask for your discount when you contact us.

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