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Frequently Asked Questions - Evaporative coolers

How does evaporating cooling work?Happy with our service customer

When you decide to install an evaporative cooling system, a central cooling unit will be installed on your roof. This central cooling unit will then be connected to various ducts in the ceiling of your home.

When your evaporative cooler is switched on, a pump will push water from a reservoir onto filter pads and warm air from outside your home will be cooled via evaporation through the filters. The cool air is then sent through to the ceiling ducts - and this cool air will cool your home on a hot day!

Why do I need to open windows or doors when my evaporative cooler is switched on?

You need to open windows or doors when you switch on your evaporative cooler to allow the hot air to escape from your home. It is usually best to open windows and doors that are farthest away from where the evaporative cooling system ducts for the best cooling effect. Being able to keep your windows and doors open whilst cooling your home is one of the main advantages of evaporative coolers.

Can I still use my evaporative cooler on a humid day?

Evaporative coolers are very well suited to Melbourne's hot and dry summers. However, Melbourne does occasionally have humid days. On these types of days evaporative cooling systems are not quite as effective. If it is a very humid day, it may be helpful to switch your evaporative cooler to 'ventilation mode', while running the fan on high.

How much water will my evaporative cooler use?

All evaporative cooling systems use water in the process of evaporation to produce the cooling effect on your home. The amount of water used will depend on the type of evaporative cooler and how often you are using it.

Is an evaporative cooling system cheaper to run than a split system air conditioner?

Evaporative coolers are generally much cheaper to run than a split system air conditioners when cooling the same size of home.

How often should I get my evaporative cooler serviced?

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How often you need to have your evaporative cooler serviced will depend on its brand and model. If you want to ensure maximum efficiency and use the least amount of electricity and water we recommend an annual check -  usually in Spring before the summer heat starts. That way you can have the confidence that you evaporative cooling system will not break down during one of Melbourne's very hot summer days.

When should I replace the filter pads in my evaporative cooler

This depends on the type of filter pads you have.  If your pads look like wood shavings (ie Aspen or Woodwool pads) then they should be changed every 3 to 4 years. If your pads look like honeycomb (ie Chilcel Pads) then they should be changed every 7 to 8 years. Note that this can vary depending on how often the evaporative cooler is used, the water quality and any local conditions.

What happens if I don't replace my filters pads when I should?

If you do not replace the filter pads on your evaporative cooler when you should, then you will most likely be using more electricity and water to cool your home. It may also result in water getting into your ceiling ducts or electrics - which can cause major damage to your home.

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