Frequently Asked Questions for Evaporative Cooling Melbourne

Frequently Asked Questions - Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioners

happy couple enjoying air conditionerHow does ducted refrigerated air conditioning work?

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is considered one of the most effective ways to cool your home. It works with having  condenser unit  installed with ducts connected.

These ducts then distribute refrigerated air through the home. This is done by expelling hot air and replacing it with cool air. Importantly, this process also filters the air in your home and removes humidity.

To make sure your ducted refrigerated  air conditioner performs at it's best at all times an inverter is used. The inverter gently increases or decreases the power required. By doing this it reaches the desired temperature quicker and maintains it without fluctuations.

Do I need to keep the windows and doors open when I have the ducted refrigerated air conditioner on?

Unlike other forms of cooling, including evaporative coolers, you do not keep your doors and windows open while your ducted refrigerated air conditioner is switched on. This means that you can have your ducted refrigerated air conditioner switched on when you are not in the house.

Do ducted refrigerated air conditioners work well on humid days?

Ducted refrigerated air conditioners are well suited to a Melbourne hot and humid summer day. In fact, ducted refrigerated air conditioning actually has the ability to regulate humidity. If it is a warm and humid day Melbourne day, the fan coil will remove moisture from the air being blown over the indoor fan coil. The water collected then falls down to a tray and is drained outside.

Are ducted refrigerated air conditioners efficient to run?

ducted air-conditioning systemDucted refrigerated air conditioners are efficient to run. This is particularly true for larger homes. For example, it is usually cheaper to cool a large home using a ducted refrigerated air conditioner than individual split system air conditioners.

Note the star rating of your unit will have a significant impact on the running cost. For example, it will cost more to run a unit with a 2.5 star rating compared to a unit with a 6 star unit.

How do I make my ducted refrigerated air conditioner even more efficient?

Some ways to increase the efficiency of your ducted refrigerated air conditioner include regularly servicing your refrigerated air conditioner.

(We recommend that you get your system serviced every 12 to 18 months to ensure that it runs efficiently.)

    •  - All windows and external doors when operating the ducted refrigerated air conditioner.
    •  - Always turn your refrigerated ducted air conditioner on early when you expect a hot day
    •  - Shade your windows (especially north and west facing windows) on hot days

Do I have to cool my entire home at the same time?

ducted refrigerated ducted air conditioner repairsNo you do not have to cool your entire home with a ducted refrigerated air conditioner. You have the ability to zone the part of your home that you wanted cooled. For example, you can cool only the living areas of your home during the day. At night, you can switch over to only cooling the bedrooms.

In addition, you can have the different temperatures in various rooms in your home. For example, you can set the living room at 23 degrees and your bedroom at 20 degrees.

Some brands of ducted refrigerated air conditioners even allow up to 8 different zones within a home

Are ducted refrigerated air conditioners good for people with allergies?

Yes, ducted refrigerated air conditioners are good for people with allergies. This is because a lot of harmful airborne bacteria that causes allergies thrive in humid weather. However, a ducted refrigerated air conditioner dehumidifies the air. This makes it harder for harmful bacteria to grow.

Can I used my system to heat my home in winter?

Yes, there a lot of models that will switch to heating in winter.

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