Evaporative Cooling Systems v Split System Air Conditioning

Summer 2017

 Evaporative Cooling v Split System Air Conditioning

The two major types of cooling systems in Melbourne are split system air conditioning and evaporative cooling. There are big differences between these two types of cooling systems - so which one is best for you? The following is a list of factors that you should take into account when deciding on which is the best air conditioning solution for you and for your family.

Evaporative Cooling Systems

Advantages of evaporative cooling systems over split system air conditioners include:

  • Usually less expensive to run
  • Less expensive to install
  • You can keep your doors and windows open while your evaporative cooler is switched on
  • Fresh air constantly flowing into your home
  • Some types of dust and pollen can be trapped by filters
  • Usually lower green house gas emissions
  • Works very well in hot and dry weather
Evaporative Cooling System service

Disadvantages of evaporative coolers over split system air conditioning include:

  • not as effective on humid days
  • can use a lot of water in the evaporative cooling process
  • temperature control is for the whole home - not for individual rooms
  • Moisture can build up in the evaporative cooler on humid days which an cause condensation
  • May not be a suitable option for people with asthma

Split system air conditioners

Advantages of split system air conditioners over evaporative coolers include:

  • works in all weather conditions - including humid climates
  • you can control the temperature in individual rooms
  • you can switch off split system air conditioners in rooms not being used
  • it is very quiet to run
  • it will  purify the air
  • you can use it as a heater in winter

Disadvantages of split system air conditioners over evaporative coolers include:

  • It costs more in electricity to run as compared to an evaporative cooler
  • It is more expensive to install than an evaporative cooler
  • Doors  and windows need to be closed when it is switched on, so is the air is cool but not fresh
  • filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly

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