Get Ready for Summer by Installing a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner

Spring 2018

Get Ready for Summer by Installing a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner

If you want the best in cooling your home during Melbourne's hot summers, then ducted refrigerated air conditioner is the answer. There are many benefits to ducted refrigerated air conditioners when compared to other forms of air conditioners.

Once your ducted air conditioner has been installed, only the grilles are visible. This is a great advantage when compared to split system air conditioning. This is because the bulky air conditioner units have to be installed in every room you want to cool.

ducted refrigerated air conditioning

How does Ducted Refrigerated air conditioners work?

condenser unit is installed with ducts connected. These ducts distribute refrigerated air through your home. This is done by expelling hot air and replacing it with cool air. This process also filters the air in your home and removes humidity.

An inverter system makes your ducted refrigerated air conditioner perform at it's best at all times. It gently increases or decreases the power required. By doing this it reaches the desired temperature quicker and maintains it without fluctuations.

How energy efficient are Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioners?

Refrigerated ducted air conditioners are very energy efficient when compared to some other forms of cooling. There are ways to increase the efficiency even further. Some ways to do this include:

  • Premium InverterRegularly service your refrigerated air conditioner.

(We recommend that you get your system serviced every 12 to 18 months to ensure that it runs efficiently.)

  • Close all windows and external doors when operating.
  • Turn your refrigerated ducted air conditioner on early when you expect a hot day
  • Shade your windows (especially north and west facing windows) on hot days

What are some of the other benefits of installing a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioner?

There are many benefits when you install a ducted refrigerated air conditioner.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Ducted Refrigerated Air ConditionerIf you already have a ducted gas heating system in your home, you can add a refrigerated system to it. This is done by simply adding a condensing unit. If you do this, you will have significant savings on the installation cost.


  • Ducted refrigerated air conditioners work very well even on very hot and humid days. In particular, evaporate coolers are not very efficient on humid days.


  • You are able to cool your whole home with a ducted refrigerated air conditioner. This is especially good for modern open plan homes. For these types of homes split system air conditioners are not as effective.


  • There is the ability to combine sophisticated IT solutions into your air conditioning system. This includes pre programming so that your air conditioner can switch on before you return home. You can also  have wifi connectivity that links to your mobile phone.


  • The value of your home will increase by installing the best form of air conditioners on the market.

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Find out more about all the ducted refrigerated air conditioners and add on cooling we provide.

Some of the more popular brands of ducted refrigerated air conditioners that we install, service and maintain include:

Our technical specialists are based in Melbourne and can provide you with all the advice you need so that you get the ducted refrigerated air conditioner that best suits your home and lifestyle at a competitive price.

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